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Make it yours .paris

Traditionally geographical TDLs were attributed to countries, such is the case for the .fr, the reference for France. In a will to to enhance the potential market, to fill a shortage and to respond to an increasing demand, the ICANN has issued the right to create almost 1000 new extensions. Therefore the French capital is one of the first cities in the world to benefit of an eponymous Top Level Domain.

Paris City Hall, he entity in charge of the operational running of the .Paris, is proud to be among the precursors of this web revolution.

At its side, Domaine.fr, is eligible to let you benefit as well of a .paris domain name.

Nuage Basilique

PARIS launch timetable, a two steps launch

The .paris domain launch is subjected to a priority order : 5 simultaneous launching phases which will take place between 9th and 11th of September 2014, followed by the GENERAL OPENING, the 2nd of december 2014. Therefore before the GENERAL OPENING, Paris City Hall grants 63 days to those recognized as entitled to register .paris domain names.

Phase 1


between the 9th of September 2014 and 11th of November 2014
from 3PM (Paris time).

For those recognized as priority by Paris City Hall, the .paris launch debutes the 9th of September. Domain names registered during this period will be activated december 2nd of the same year (13H UTC).

This 63 days phase gives priority to 5 categories hierarchized in the following manner :


Categorie 1


priority phase reserved to trademark owners registered in the Trademark ClearingHouse, TMCH, justifying of an identification number (SMD). In cases of conflict the oldest trademark has priority. But if the trademarks were submitted the same day, domain name will be allocated on an auction basis.

Categorie 2

Registration period limited to the Île-de-France region public authorities. Reserved to

public authorities names

, public services names and Paris region Geographical names (departments, townships, city wards, streets). In case of multiple requests for a same domain name, Paris City Hall requests will be given priority.

Categorie 3

Trademark owners

(not registered with TMCH) and geographical indications holders. This phase concerns french trademark owners not registered with TMCH, international brands targeting France and geographical indications holders recognized by international treaties, European regulations or the French legislation. In cases of conflict the oldest trademark has priority. In case of conflict for trademarks or geographical indications registered the same day, allocation will be done on an auction basis.

Categorie 4


(corporate names, signs, logos) and associations whose headquarters are located in Ile de France. In case of multiple requests for a same domain name, allocation will be done on an auction basis.

Categorie 5


Any applicant not entitled to the priority categories can apply for registration. This phase will allow anyone who meets the .paris eligibility criteria to apply for registration before the GENERAL OPENING. In case of multiple requests for a same domain name, allocation will be done on an auction basis.

During this 5 launch phases,
the .Paris is available at the single rate of 249€ before tax.

Note : Those who wish to take advantage of the opportunity to reserve as priority before the general opening will have to present documents justifying that they belong to one of the five categories listed. With regard to the TMCH, the identification number is sufficient

Phase 2


As of 3PM on December 2nd, 2014,
the .PARIS will be open generaly to anyone meeting the eligibility criteria, the extention will be at the price of 38,50 € before tax. During this period, domain registration will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Notre dame


To find out about this domain names,

Phase 1
w/o VAT
Phase 2
38,50€ w/o VAT

A premium names list will be available later
under specific conditions.
This procedure has not yet been defined by the registry.
To find out about this domain names,
contact Domaine.fr.

With regard to renewals, the price is 38,50€ before tax.

This price applies to phase 1 and 2.

Eligibility conditions

In order to take advantage of domain names in .paris, Paris city provided certain specified conditions : Any individual or legal person who wishes to register a .paris domain name must belong to Paris community and participate in its enhancement. To do so, the holder must be a Parisian resident or carry out a professional, personnal or cultural activity in the region. Otherwise, in order to claim registration, the beneficiary will have to justify its commitment to Paris region. Therefore, The Registry may request production of documentation proving the applicant's eligibility (trademark certificate, kbis extract, Association’s Official Journal…) and would have to be able to prove : residency in the Parisian region, or that he carries commercial and cultural activities, or that he justifies of any direct or indirect commitment to Ile the France.

Specific cases

The domain name choice belongs to you, however geographical indications and any references to monuments or region symbol requires prior authorization from Paris City Hall. In addition, public authorities names and public services are not allowed, they are reserved to those institutions.

For any further information, don't hesitate to contact us. Domaine.fr is there to guide you in this big adventure : The .paris is yours !